Not Everyone In Hollywood Hates Israel


Not Everyone In Hollywood Hates Israel

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After a friend (who also is a writer for this site) shared a TMZ video of Joan Rivers defending Israel quite loudly and vehemently while signing autographs outside of a hotel, I got the idea that maybe not all celebrities hate Israel.

Here’s the rundown of a few celebrities who aren’t brain dead.*

1.) Joan Rivers

2.) Bill Maher


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How do I explain to the ignorant that Israel is not attacking citizens? They call it war crimes, as if those homes and buildings aren't housing dangerous people and weapons. I have tried my hardest to explain why they are attacking these areas but people just keep saying "but children died." Yes, they did, because they're either child soldiers or Hamas wouldn't let them evacuate! UGH. How do I get it through their thick skulls?

You’re basically talking to a wall with those kinds of people. They’ve already decided what they want to believe and have no interest in changing their mind, no matter what new information comes up.

If you want to try, this article ( is a cogent way to show why those death tolls are not evidence of morality.

One of the strongest things to ask is why are there still rockets from Gaza at all. Ask them, “If Israel wants to kill as many civilians as possible, why don’t they just carpet bomb Gaza into a parking lot? They have the technology. It’d be a 3 hour operation that stop those rockets permanently.”

They’ll stammer about how “it’d anger the UN” or something, but push them on it. The UN condemns Israel constantly, fails to actually do anything in Syria, Yemen, Iran, etc.

So why would Israel (a country that supposedly commits genocide) risk their own people by using ground troops and precision strikes?


One of the most common and misleading tactics deployed against Israel by its critics is to compare the number of dead Israelis and dead Palestinians, and use the figures to portray Palestinians as victims of Israeli aggression.

Vox’s Max Fisher, who is on a campaign to convince people that Israel…

Extremely important read


We’re not sure how we did it, but as you’ve seen from some of the “asks” we’ve posted we’ve managed to seriously bruise the tender sensibilities of some of Tumblr’s Israel haters.

Well ok, we do know how we did it. We insist on posting the truth. Israel-haters and their kindred…

The warnings are a joke. Where should the Palestinians evacuate to? Especially when they're given 5 minute, 3 minute warnings in one of the most densely populated place on earth? A neighbors house? A refugee camp? A shelter? All those places are targets to the IDF. They can't cross the border into Israel or Egypt. Should they jump into the sea?



How much warning does Hamas give the Israelis? 

(Hint: they don’t)

It’s not ideal to have to evacuate your home because your rooftop is mortar pad, but what’s the alternative?

Let rockets fall? Would you do that? 

That Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on earth is an outright lie. It has around 5000 per square km. Compare that with Manila with 42,857/km2, Neapoli with 25,879/km2, Paris with 21,196/km2, and Cairo with 18,071/km2. Gaza doesn’t even appear on the list of most densely populated cities on Wikipedia.

I am sick of the lies and misinformation surrounding this.

I was just thinking about adding that fact in. I had forgotten to respond to that part initially. 

Thanks highdie!

Please provide some proof to debunk the 70%+ casualties being civilians. Israel would never do something so blatant as to carpet bomb the Gaza Strip because it would immediately isolate them from the rest of the world and hurt their economy. The ground offensive hasn't resulted in fewer civilian casualties. If Israel cared about civilian casualties they'd have been working more covertly against Hamas and using the Palestinians to isolate Hamas


Burden of proof is on the affirmative. It’s not my responsibility to prove something is NOT true. It’s your responsibility to prove that something IS true. You can check on our blog for plenty of sources that debunk the 70% civilians lie anyway. 

To address the rest, that’s a very shaky argument. According to you, Israel is massacring people. I don’t know it was you per say, but I keep hearing that Israel is committing genocide. 

What kind of genociders care about being “isolated from the world” (especially when doing anything is grounds for ‘isolation’).

There’s actually a lot of covert ops against Hamas, (though sometimes lead to brutal execution when a Palestinian is simply SUSPECTED). I don’t think you can so boldly say that you know how much covert work is being done, since by definition it’s secret…


Israel sends its thanks to the American Senate for its unconditional support. 
via: @redbrasco


Israel sends its thanks to the American Senate for its unconditional support.

via: @redbrasco


The Supreme Leader of Iran said in a recent interview that there won’t be peace until Israel is completely destroyed, implying that that should be the goal of the Hamas.

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated on Wednesday that the only solution for the region is the destruction of Israel, and that the armed confrontation must expand beyond Gaza.

Meanwhile, revolutionary guards announced new missiles which could destroy Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

Fars News Agency, a media outlet run by the Iranian state, reported today that Khamenei addressed the conflict in Gaza in a meeting with Iranian college students.

“These crimes which are beyond imagination and show the true nature of the wolfish and child killer regime, which the only solution is its destruction,” the ayatollah declared to his audience. “However, until that time, the expansion of the armed resistance of the Palestinians of the West Bank is the only way to confront this wild regime.”


Hamas has fired more than 2270 rockets at Israel since July 8. That’s more than 140 rockets a day for 16 days


Hamas has fired more than 2270 rockets at Israel since July 8. That’s more than 140 rockets a day for 16 days



 FAA lifts flight restrictions for Israel’s Ben Gurion airport.


Does your publication associate with any specific political party?



While some of us have private political beliefs and affiliations, we do not publicly support nor endorse any specific political party.

Hi, I come to you to humbly ask a question. I understand Israel's right and duty to protect its people. Sincere question here, I'm just trying to understand: does the Israeli army try to avoid Hamas' human shield? If no, why? Thank you for your time.



Many operations are actually called off at the last second (literally second) because a civilian risk is discovered.

Unfortunately, we’ve had wounded soldiers bring back some pretty horrific stories about what they had to deal with.

One instance was a man attacked them holding an infant in one hand while firing a rifle in the other hand.


Others have seen Hamas insurgents dressed as women.

Also, attacks from schools and hospitals are commonplace.

To answer your question, yes Israel tries to avoid civilian casualties but usually these decisions must be made within seconds and sometimes mistakes are made. In other instances, there’s no “good” choice.

Thank you for your question.


European Riots Against Jewish people.


European Riots Against Jewish people.